$50,000 Charity Giveaway at 500 Cryptovian Owners

About Cryptovian NFT's

Cryptovian NFT's are a Utility Based NFT for the World's First Crypto Business and Night Lounge.

 @CryptoviaLounge will be Located Near one of the Largest Malls in America (King of Prussia,PA)
There Will Only Be 5,000 NFT's Launched on OpenSea that will be used for Lifetime access to a Cryptovian Membership. There are 10 Different Variations and 500 of Each NFT in the Collection

This membership includes exclusive perks that can be used in the digital space and physical location.

Our Mission is to build a networking community that is driven to the exposing Crypto, NFT and Blockchain Tech Utility through trusted physical location(s) around the world. We plan to do this through our own physical developments or through partnerships and collaborations with other businesses around the entire world.

Cryptovian Membership Perks 

  • FREE LOUNGE ACCESS : Get Premium Access to our Locations.
  • ​Skip the Line : VIP Access & Priority During Night Life Events 
  • Discounts: Discounts on our Affiliate offers & Physical Lounge Location Offerings 
  • ​Voting Abilities: Voting Points on Project Decisions (More Collected, Stronger Vote) 
  • ​Exclusive Connections: Private Chat w/Connetions in many industries. (Crypto , Stocks , Real Estate and So Much More)
  • ​FREE CRYPTO COURSE : Basic Beginner Information for Getting Involved in Blockchain Tech (Discord)
  • Early Access: New Projects, opportunities, Brand Deals and Exclusive partnerships
  • Passive Income: Monthly Rewards For Holding all 10 Unique NFTs in your wallet
  • In Real Life Collabs: Priority Access to in Person Collaboration Meetups with Top Projects at Location(s)
  • MetaVerse Plans : Priority Access When we Release Official MetaVerse Plans (Long Term Goal)
  • ​Project Utility : NFT Holders Receive Deals For  their Presenting Project at Physical Locations.

Here to Build a Foundation for the Community


    Our Strategy to Launching and Increasing the Value of the NFTs 

    • Q4- 2021 :  Pre-Launch Marketing, White List Competions, Giveaways, AMA's 
    • Q1- 2022 :  Launch NFT Collection | Open Cryptovia Lounge (Max Capacity)
    • Q2- 2022 :  Increase NFT Utility Through Business and Brand Deals 
    • Cont : Host In Real Life and Digital Collaborations with Top Crypto / NFT Projects
    • Q4- 2022 :  Continue to Scale and Innovate (Celebrity Marketing / Brand Expansion)
    • ​2023 and Onward : Continue to Scale and Introduce Business Model into New Locations & Businesses 
    • 2023 and Onward : Dive into Community Based Ideas | Metaverse | Gaming and More.. 

    Full Details about our ROADMAP are inside the discord and in AMA's

    Including Exact Address for Location(s) 

    Our Team 

    Mr.Cryptovia (@TafariDean) (Doxxed)

    Hamza Qureshi 

    3D Animator

    Cryptovia Chick (@CryptoviaChicks)

    Female Marketing / Talent Recruitment

    Abishek Paul

    Community Managment / Event Outreach 

    Want to Work With Us ? 


    When is the NFT Launch ?
    The Stealth Launch occured on OpenSea 01/01/2022 @6pm EST 

    How Much is the Launch Price?

    The Original Price will be 0.08 ETH (Polygon Blockchain)

    What is the Total Supply?

    There Will Be a Total Supply of 5,000 NFTs total. 10 Different Variations (Colors) with a total of 500 Supply for Each 

    Does Each Variation Have Different Perks?

    In order to maintian simplicity for new members. Currently No 

    But as a community we are open to moving forward to additional perks in the future 
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